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Gambling Creatives: Types and Examples

Gambling Creatives: Types and Examples

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In the gambling vertical, creativity plays a key role in engaging users and increasing conversions. Different types of creatives can evoke different emotions and attract the attention of the target audience. In this article, we will look at the different types of creatives in the gambling vertical and their characteristics and show examples.

It is important to realize that each type of creative works differently from country to country, as they play on different players' weaknesses, which may be unknown to people living in other countries.

Tier-1 countries: these are countries with high incomes and economic success. Players expect emotion and entertainment from the product rather than making money.

Tier-2 countries: these are less developed countries that are in the middle. All kinds of creatives can work in them.

Tier-3 countries: economically backward countries. In these countries, players see casinos as a way to make money and creatives focusing on this can work.


One of the most popular types of creatives in the gambling vertical are slots. They are aimed at a target audience that is interested in, plays and likes casinos.

To attract the attention of such an audience, the following key elements are used:

Bonuses: genuine and attractive bonus offers.

Slots: images of popular slot machines that are available in the product.

Product Features: highlighting the unique features and benefits of the product.

Make sure that the slot is attractive and interesting, or popular and already in demand. This is an important point as you are focusing only on the slot and quality.

Standard emotions

Standard emojis are another popular type of creatives in the gambling vertical. The main element of such creatives is an actor who reacts to what is happening on the screen of his phone. He may rejoice and disbelieve his luck when he wins the game.

Key elements of such creatives include:

An actor with an appealing reaction: an actor reacts strongly to a win and evokes positive emotions in the audience.

Bigwin slots: a big win on a slot machine that attracts the attention of users.

Bonuses: offers of bonuses and privileges when playing.

Call to Play: encouraging viewers to join the game and try their luck.

Product features: features and benefits of a particular gambling product.

Texting and push: using text messages and push notifications to attract attention.

Standard emojis allow you to sell emotions and attract more audience. This approach is used not only to attract regular players, but also to attract high rollers - players who bet large sums of money.

Emotions with multiple actors

This type of creative differs from the previous one in that it involves multiple actors. This type of creative usually evokes more emotion and works well in bourgeois markets, especially in Canada.

The main features of this type of creative:

Intrigue: information about gambling is revealed only at the end of the commercial.

Vivid emotions: actors react emotionally to each other and create vivid emotional moments.

This approach can be used in any geographic market and is good at capturing the audience's attention. It is particularly effective in bourgeois markets such as Canada.


Another type of creative in the gambling vertical is news-format advertising. These creatives utilize a "click to learn more" mechanic.

The main features of this type of creative are:

News headlines: attractive headlines that pique the interest of users.

News text: information about winnings, new games and other events in the world of gambling.

Call to action: encouraging users to click on a link for more information.

Advertising in the news format allows you to attract the attention of users who are interested in gambling and want to keep up with the latest news and events.

We highly do not recommend using such creatives, as gambling traffic coming from this approach will be 100 percent likely to be sanctioned by the affiliate and brand. Mostly these creatives are used in black verticals.


Lotteries are another popular type of creative in the gambling vertical. They mimic erasable lottery tickets and offer users a chance to win prizes.

The basic elements of the erasers:

A riddle or question: the user is invited to open the ticket and find out what is underneath.

Win: prizes that can be won, including money, bonuses or free spins.

Call to action: encouraging users to take part in a wipeout and try their luck.

Wipeouts attract the attention of users because of their interactivity and the opportunity to win real prizes.

Crash Game

Crash games are a type of game where the player needs to place a bet and collect the winnings in time. One of the most popular games of this type is Aviator. Due to its simplicity such games have become popular and show good results in performance.

Basic Elements:

Crash game: it could be Aviator, Jet-x, Balloon, etc. A big win is shown.

Animations: often such creatives are accompanied by high-quality animations.

Reactions: such creatives can be successfully combined with emotions and reactions of people.

Cappers and Lifestyle

Cappers and Lifestyle are types of creatives that are related to sports betting and predictions. They allow you to attract an audience interested in sports and betting. The main elements of such creatives are:

Expert Capper: presenting an expert who makes successful predictions and gives recommendations for betting.

Sports information: news, statistics, match results and other information about sports events.

Call to action: encouraging users to join the betting community and use the expert's recommendations.

Cappers and Lifestyle creatives help to attract an audience that is interested in sports and wants recommendations for successful betting.

Creatives with girls

Creatives with girls are types of creatives that use a female figure as an object that will catch the viewer's eye and entail a full view, and subsequently a click. It works best for a male audience.

The main elements of such creatives:

Half-naked woman: a girl in underwear with cute shapes. Often you can see shots from porn.

Phone with a game: a man or a girl who play slots or washing machines on the phone and win the kush.

Such creatives right now are working very well, as hit the right CA, but many sites can impose restrictions for such, so it is worth applying actions that-that creative is not banned by the system.

Beautiful life

These are creatives where the emphasis is on showing a rich and expensive life. These creatives seem to say "you will live the same way with us". Such creatives perform well in working with third-tier countries, where the inhabitants do not get quite so much money.

Main elements:

Money: showing a large amount of money, withdrawing it from an ATM or just large bills.

Cars: expensive sports cars and a person who motivates to download the application and earn with him.

Ways of earning: it can be as well as a simple monologue of a person, how he changed his life.

Be careful, as such creatives are on the edge and their use may entail sanctions from the advertiser. Not all brands and affiliates accept such traffic.

In addition to the types presented here, there are others, but they are not used as massively as all the others.


The word creatives comes from the word to create. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different approaches. As you can see from the examples, many approaches cross each other and get even better results. Your main guide to a successful result is tests. Only by testing many different approaches can you understand which one will work best for you. The choice of a particular type of creative depends on the goals of the advertising campaign and the preferences of the target audience.

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